Delightful Dining at Swiss Deli Restaurant


This was my first dining experience in this Restaurant. The appearance of the restaurant outside looks “social”, and moreover the inside design as well. I also like the life size cow displayed outside. The restaurant is very catchy and can be intimidating, to some, because foreigners most often dine here.
They also have a small grocery that sells imported goods, frozen foods and wines.


They have a wide variety of Foods to choose from in their menus – from appetizers, soups, main course, snacks, drinks and desserts.

What I love most was their Cake. The cake just melts into your mouth. Its not like the cake you buy in Cake Shops we see on TV.
The Food price range from 180-450 per



The staff were friendly. You can always ask them if you’re not familiar with the meal.



My hubby and I paid around 700 for 2 meals, 2 drinks and 1 slice of cake.
Kinda expensive but Its O.K because we enjoyed our meal and we went home with a full/satified stomach.


They have 2 Branches in Davao City:
1. Lanang
2. Matina – South

I hope I was helpful..
Pictures no filter..
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