Taisho Japanese Restaurant 


Taisho Japanese Restaurant is an affordable Japanese food chain located at dumoy, Davao City.. The place is small but well arranged and organized.. Its not very appealing on the outside but once you get inside the premise you’ll be mesmerized by the decorations. It feels like you are in Japan. 


I wasn’t really able to take good pictures since there were plenty of customers at the time. 


 The place is very simple and welcoming. The staff were friendly and polite to answer the quieries.. 


 But, I was really amazed by the food and its prices because each menu/variant only costs Php 99.00.  Unlike other Japanese restaurants that I’ve been which are much more way expensive and yet it has the same taste with Taisho Restaurant.. 


Although the serving is good for one person but its enough already and with just Php 99.00 you can taste everything in the menu without worrying too much of the cost. 



With our Php 500.00, we were able to order a Ramen, Katsudon, Sashimi, Maki and a dessert – Fried Mango.. 




If your in Davao City, don’t forget to visit at Taisho Japanese Restaurant beacause  you don’t need to be Japan to experience their cuisine.


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