JRS Express Rates 2015

For Philippine Buyers and Sellers, here is the new Jrs express rates as of March 2015..
I feel the urge to post this since i can’t find any updates in the JRS webpage or from any posts/bloggers..


For Regular Deliveries: 

 First 3 Kilos + succeeding kilos 

 Luzon 180  + 90 

Visayas 170  + 85 

Mindanao 165  + 82.50


Relaxed / Fluid Pants

What I like about Fluid pants is that they are very comfy and relax to wear.


I have 3 different colors of fluid pants (I’ll post it soon).. Unlike the skinny jeans, it does not constrict the legs and ankles..


Fluid Pants @Mango
Tee @Aeropostale
Flats @rubi @cotton_on


Fluid Pants are also advisable for pregnant moms for they are not tight on the waist.. Double Purpose – Save Money


Movie Date Outfit

Movie Dates can also be very important as any other couples date. Even if I’m already married, I still like to dress-up to impress my partner.. So heres the simple outfit ensemble i came up with…


Tattered or ripped jeans are so trendy this year. I think every woman should have at least one.. For me, Its very edgy and funky.. I hope you like my style today..



Have fun dressing-up ladies!

Chatime Experiece

Chatime is a tea shop that uses freshly brewed tea infused with different flavors to make the best bubble tea drink in town.


The first taste I had with Chatime was when it opened years ago at SM Lanang Premier in Davao City. I am really not a tea fan but from the first sip I totally fall in love with its flavors. I was officially hooked and since then I always order one drink if ever I’m near the premises. The thing is they have a lot of varieties in their menu from energetic drinks, smoothies, mousse and so on. They have different choices of toppings too like pudding, pearl, grass jelly, rainbow jelly, coconut jelly, red bean & mousse. The customers also has the choice of the amount of sugar and ice they want. Here’s a sample of the Menu.




1. Chocolate Mousse

My first favorite would be the Chatime Chocolate Mousse With Pudding. It has a Real chocolatey taste. And the pudding is delicious.. (Who doesn’t like chocolate right?)


2. Strawberry Au Lait – with Mousse



This is my second favorite. I really love this flavor. I highly recommend this flavor for kids. It’s really creamy and the strawberry does not taste like powder/instant berry. For me, this is better than the smoothie because this has lots of milk.

3. Mango Au Lait – with Mousse



This has to be my third favorite. I love Mangoes. I can also recommend this for kids. This is indeed very delicious. Hands Down!

4. WinterMelon Mousse



I don’t like the flavor that much. For me, the fusion of the mousse and the wintermelon flavor doesn’t work out that well.

5. Matcha Mouse



This has a bitter taste. I didn’t finish the whole drink. It has some leaf granules, astringent taste and a certain smell. But this tea has a lot of benefits. However, this is really not my cup of tea.. hehehe..

6. Mango Green Tea – with Rainbow Jelly



This has a very refreshing tropical taste. I like this flavor.

7. Mango Mojito


This has a refreshing taste with a hit of mint and lime. It’s a perfect summer drink.

8. WinterMelon Lemon Tea – with Rainbow Jelly


This is a revitalizing drink. Its has a very mild, delicate and sweet taste with a hint of lemon. This is a must try.

9. Oolong Milk Tea


This has a unique milky-almond taste that is sweet and delicious. A must try too.

Well, I have also tried other flavors like:
– Grass Jelly Milk Tea
– Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk
– Taro Milk Tea
– Chocolate Smoothie
– Strawberry Smoothie
– Chatime Milk Tea
– Pearl Milk Tea
– QQ Milk tea
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of them. I guess i have to order them again. Wink!


Chatime can be found in other Cities in the Philippines. They are also available in other countries.


Estimated costs of each drink is about 80-120 PHP depending on the size and the additional toppings.


As a whole, I enjoyed every flavors that I have ordered in Chatime. There are so many other varieties yet that I haven’t tasted. Definitely Im gonna try them all..



It is my friends wedding and I am part of the entourage. So I’ve come up with this Chic ensemble that I’ ve posted earlier.


The motif is aqua blue and tangerine. Good thing i was able to buy this dress and Belt on Sale at FOREVER21 a month ago.


For my shoes, my favorite black wedge from ALDO because it’s a garden wedding. I don’t want to bury my heels in the sand. đŸ˜‰đŸ˜‰đŸ˜‰


For the bag, I choose this cute Red crossbody bag from MANGO to match my belt – to add a little spice and drama to my overall outfit.


Here’s the overall look..



Me and Hubby..


Thank you for browsing…

* photos – no filter (iphone5s only)
* I did get help for my make-up, courtesy to Ms. Jessa



What do we like about Toms for Kids?

Toms shoes are very comfortable. My son loves his Toms. We have been buying Toms for him since he was 2 years old. He immediately falls in love with it.


Toms designs are superb. They have very cool and cute colors. My son likes to wear it with socks or without socks. He even wears it to school.



Toms are very fashionable too.
You can always mix and match with any tops or outfits.


Moreover, we like the Toms advocacy “One for One” – With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. I think in this way my family and i could somehow help a child out there. Its also a way of teaching my child how to give and share. It may sound simple but in this way we could make a difference.


Here’a my son’s Toms Collection for 4 years now.